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Monday, November 19, 2007

Eight Healthy Foods You Can Eat

Okay so our local news station had a blip on the 8 best foods you can eat for your health (they advertised 10 but I only found mention of 8--I could have missed two)

In no particular order:

Beets: help with heart conditions and fights cancer

Dried Plums (aka Prunes): not just for the elderly, they are packed full of

Red Cabbage: yes the favorite of families before the advent of also helps with the heart

Beans & Barley: by beans they meant the dried ones used for
remember the old rhyme "beans, beans the magical fruit; the more you eat the
more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel; so eat your beans
with every meal"? Seems its true but not for the helps your

pomergranites: full of antioxidents, it is great for your body as it fight
those cancer causing free radicals. Can be taken in either the fruit or
juice forms.

Cinnamon: lowers your blood sugar. So don't feel bad when you get
that hankering for the confort food of Cinnamon toast....boost your blood and
have that second peice.

Swiss Chard: I've always heard of it, but have never known what it was good for---it is great for your heart. It is a salad green....I will have to keep an eye out for it and give it a try now!

I will have to check on the stations page later tomorrow to see if they have the clip on their site to share with you all....or at least see if I can't find the rest of the info for these foods.

You can find more healthy foods on WebMD. I would like to add that green tea is healthier than black tea and the jury is still out on whether white tea is healthier than green...rinsing your mouth with green tea will help fight gum disease (at least according to my old dentist before she went to CA).

1 comment:

omly said...

We get a lot of swiss chard from the farm, but I don't think I have ever heard of eating it as a salad green. The leaves are often a bit thick compared to most lettuces. We either saute it, as in stir-fries, or cook it in soup.

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