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Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay--this is SOOOO true

Yes this one is dead perferred way of divination are the Runes; if I don't do that I will more than likely do Tea Leaf Reading. I do of course do Tarot but it is not usually my first choice....I don't agree with a lot of the associations/interpretations that are out there. I'm what they call an Instictive Reader when it comes to Tarot cards.

Well that said here we go:

What Method of Divination Suits You Best?
Runes. Runes are man-made and have a lore all to themselves. Although there appears only one interpretation of runes (by the book they come with), I assure you there are more aspects to them than meets the eye. A great author to dig into is Edred Thorsson (alternatively, seek out Freya Aswynn).Other means of divination you MAY be interested in: Tea Leaf reading, Tossed Bones, or any of the Ogham (Celtic Tree Alphabet) Staves.
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