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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get the F*** out of MY house

California moves to outlaw spanking - Homeland Stupidity:
"Lieber believes that banning spanking in such a way is the logical continuation
of laws that banned slavery and protected women from being beaten by their

okay so she says that children are slaves? That they are being abused? No, lady (and I use the term loosely) it is a spank....plain and simple.

Okay we are not talking taking off the belt, or grabbing a hanger, or using a switch here---we are talking one quick swat{in most cases} to stop a child from doing something that is dangerous or sockally unacceptable.

Spare the rod, spoil the child.

Using a belt...a hanger...a switch---yes that is abusive. Wailing away 5-10 times on a kid in succession, one can make the argument that that is a tad severe....

Most people equate a spank with anger---that's not true. Effective spanking is quick, swift, pointed, it is clear as to why the spank was given. It is generally a single shot on the fleshy part of the bottom===of the person's OWN kid.

If you spank someone else's kid-=-yeah there's an issue there.

And I could even see them curbing public spanking....but what happens behind the doors of people's houses is for them to deal with.

It just slays me...the same people who argue against the smallest thing that smacks of "Big Brother"...such as camera's catching red light runners and criminals.....federal IDs.....tracking of foreign nationals within our medical records so dr.s can more easily exchange info and save a life...etc.....remember the fuss they made over the Clinton investigation? They wanted government out of our bedrooms and our lives.

But these same people are the ones that are going to force people to stop smoking in the own cars/yards/homes....they are the one's who regulate how low your grass must be cut, and at what time you can start your lawn they want to regulate how it is you raise your children.

This isn't Sweden--I don't think people want it to be.

Its my kid---get your fucking paws off!!! Get a kid of your own and see if there isn't a time or two you need to give a quick when the 2 yr old is about to climb over a 4 foot high fence which you had already told them twice before not to do. I'd rather swat the kid, then have them fall off that fence and conk his head on the concrete sidewalk.

Get a life lady---and visit the Wizard for some Brains....or maybe a bit of heart.

1 comment:

omly said...

Interesting, there is a group in MA trying to do the same thing. I wonder if it is a coordinated effort.

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