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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Don't Get the Appeal

'Dancing With the Stars' Winner named (?)

Okay...I love Marie just as much as anyone else....I felt really sorry for when she collapsed....and when her father died....especially so soon after the passing of her mother.....and so close to the dissolvsion of her marriage {is that a word??}.....but really I have to ask:

WHY is this news?? WHAT is the appeal of this show?

Ooooo....its a bunch of has-beens trying to grab one last lime-light....doing something they could never do when they were in their prime....dancing dances that no one will ever use any more, except maybe at a wedding---where people get so drunk, they won't care.....and yet:

millions of people not only WATCH but they spend money to VOTE for their favorite dancer???? OMGs!!

Just imagine that type of system with the Presidential Elections! Could you imagine the outcry???

I have a feeling that the ownership of a cell phone would become a "civil right" and the government would have to supply one.

what a minute......

believe it or not......

they already DO!!!

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