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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm in trouble

Feather shortage leaves pillow makers flat - Yahoo! News

Okay a few years back we discovered something very disturbing at the cabin.

Hubby's nephew (I refuse to claim the twit) decided to play a joke on me and hid all the feather pillows--no one wanted them so they wound up on my bed-yep hubby & I have seperate beds at the cabin, awww covers of my own--so when we got up on a Friday after the boob had left Thursday night we couldn't find them anywhere in the cabin.

We searched every room, every cupboard....we could not find where he had put them-of course we didn't realize it was him at the time, we thought someone had taken them home. You also need to understand that there are just enough pillows at the cabin for every bed to have one, and only one--except the feather pillows which no one else used, so I had two.

Well we found that I can no longer sleep without a feather pillow.

I was up all night Friday tossing and turning. At first we thought it was because I only had a single pillow so we figured out a way of getting me a second pillow, but that wasn't it.

Its the feather pillow! There is just something about them. Maybe its the way they conform to the head & neck, maybe its the way they warm up while you lay on them in the winter and stay cooler in the summer, maybe its the way they seem to wick away sweat & drool instead of keeping it next to your skin....I don't know what it is, but they are hands-down better than synthetic pillows.

We had to run to the nearest Walmart that Saturday and find a feather pillow---wouldn't you know it, they didn't have any...all they had were the poly-down, the fake-feather we picked up a couple of those. They didn't work.

Maybe it was all in my head....but they were just as uncomfortable as the foam pillows--so another sleepless night.

We got home Sunday and as soon as my head hit my feather pillows I was OUT! I could not believe how fast I zonked.

and that says a lot....I have troubles getting to sleep....usually because the single solid pillow that I have on my side of the bed for use when I want to stay awake, is still under my head--remove that pillow and its

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