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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Misleading stories

Plastic surgery complications rare - Yahoo! News:
"researchers found serious complications occurred in 1 in 299 cases. Complications included bruises, infections, respiratory problems and heart problems. Death occurred in 1 in 58,810 procedures. "

Hey--the story is about complications....not deaths. While yes deaths from plastic surgery is rare, you have to admit that a problem every 300 cases is awfully high! Oh and when they say "bruises" they mean more than just the regular bruising you can expect anytime you do damage to skin & capularies--we are talking deep tissue bruising that actually damages the skin and muscle.

They should have said "Deaths from plastic surgery rare" but complications happen more often than the industry---and make no mistake here people it is an industry--wants anyone to know. Look how long it took them to admit the problems that silicone breast implants cause.

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