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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Please let this be the last of their 15 minutes

Okay, so I'm knitting away on my socks when I realized I was missing "Judge Mathis"...he makes me angry mostly but for some reason I had to tune into him today...any who do you think he has on today?

Remember the story a while back about the guy who bought a grill and found a petrified leg in it?

YES IT WAS THEM!!!! I never thought this would come was totally gross! It turns out that both sides are at fault.

Apparently the man who lost the leg...had not recieved proper notice that they were going to auction off his stuff.
In return they started arguing from the start who was going to make money from this...the ones who bought the leg wanted to charge $10 a person to look at it (that's where he got the figure from that he was sueing for)....the guy who lost the leg (literally) was counter-suing, from what I could understand, because the leg got sent to the police in case it was part of a crime and because he wasn't getting any of the profits from the showing of the leg.

This is crazy--the guy who bought the grill (and thus the leg) got a judgment of $5000, and the other guy gets his leg back.

OMGs! The guy who lost the leg argued this so wrongly! Number 1 I would have taken it to superior court not small claims....number 2 the supreme court has already determined that a person can not be forced to give up their dna without warrent or probable cause.....number 3 the selling of the leg without proper notice was illegal and it is against the law to profit from a crime (well okay, OJ seems to be doing it)....number 4 he should be going after the storage facilities that sold his things without proper notice to pay the $5000 fine that was just handed over to him due to their negligence.

No wait...that would get him on people's court this time.

Now that they have had their day in court...lets just hope this goes away.


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