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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do I Laugh or Do I Cry??

Well....I am just about done fixing that sock. It wasn't supposed to take this long but every time I get going something seems to happen.

Here's the latest daughter, whom we call Bubble Butt...hubby is on a business trip so she was very excited when we set up a video call with the bedroom where there was plenty of room for everyone to take a turn chatting.

Well I was knitting on the bed waiting for the connection when it came. My daughter was so excited that she hopped on the bed as I was moving my work out of the way and this is what happened:
At first I had to chuckle, I thought she just got poked....until she got up and I had to pull it out!

Yes she got skewered!! Luckily not deeply...but it did break the skin and it looks like she's got a cute little mole there.

Now does anyone know how to straighten this thing out without damaging the metal? I started to use my jewelry pliers but the needle is heavtier than I thought...and the pliers that will bend it are marring the metal which, as any knitter knows, is the worse thing for the yarn.

Poor baby!

My daughter that is, not me. UGGGHHH....I swear someone has cursed these socks.


omly said...

Arg. I totally hear you. I quite literally spent 3 times as much time on this pair of socks than any other pair ever! Problem after problem.

Obviously I know you aren't done yet, but when you do... please e-mail photos of your completed socks before you post them. Five points are given for each person who sends a photo, and she is going to be giving away a skein of sock yarn and some roving to the two randomly drawn winners.

Laurie said...

Unfortunately, in trying to bend the needle straight, you will probably mess up the smooth finish, as it seems you may have done already. It will NEVER be straight again...sorry if you were hoping for something bright and sun-shiny. Even if you come close, and are happy with it (to a degree), the metal will be "stretched" or fatigued and it will be weak at that point (where it was bent). Say your good-byes and go get more needles.

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