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Sunday, November 04, 2007

I SO apologize to the US for our Senetors lack of judgement - Ellison: Ban Photo IDs As Voting Requirement: "Requiring photo IDs to vote in federal elections would be banned under legislation introduced Wednesday by Rep. Keith Ellison, who said such requirements disenfranchise minorities, the poor, women, elderly and young people"

I can NOT believe he just said is asking for photo ID "disenfranchise" these people? I just don't get it....does getting a state ID put some stigma upon you??? I don't think so.

And DON"T need one. Under MN voting law if you do not have an ID you can bring a utility bill with your name & address on it and someone who can vouch for you when you register....after that all you will need is a registered voter to vouch for you--how do I know this?

1. I lost my state ID almost 20 years ago....and have been able to vote in every election following state guidelines.

2. Hubby was Head Election Judge during the last big we became very familiar with the rules.

And it is ripe with voter fraud!

I demand though that Ellison explain himself....does he think that minorities, poor, women, elderly, and young people are too stupid to get state IDs??? Does he think that they won't know where to go" As a woman...I take great offense to his comments!

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