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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

WHY??? - Rodriguez lawyers get more time for appeal

He should get as many appeals as he gave his victim!!!

Let's get this straight...this guy gets out and crosses the bourder with the intent to grab someone, anyone, and kill them....I don't care what he said he was thinking of doing....I don't care if in his tiny mind her death was an accident...the fact is he killed her during the commitment of a crime--that makes him guilty.

Why should he get any appeals at all? Because he is pleading mental-incompitance? Was he mentally incompetant when he put every thing in his mother's car that he would need to kidnap someone? Was he incompetant when he killed her and knew it was so wrong that he had to ditch the body?

Do I think that he should have been released the first time--hell no! But that doesn't justify or reduce or negate what he did....

Death Penalties cases are so expensive because we allow them way too many appeals--and the lawyers are allowed to work around it with continuance after continuance.

Short of a medical or family emergency I see no reason that the lawyers shouldn't be ready when their court cases come to trial.

Life Sentences are only cheaper because we are too afraid to just get on with it and poke him in the arm.

I am really hoping this guy gets the same "life" sentence that Dahmer wound up with.

Yes I'm harsh. Yes I'm cruel. But this guy took away someone's daughter---I have no sympathy.

Not one iota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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