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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

and the Church wonders why people attack them... - Pope: Other Christian Denominations Not True Churches

Okay so Pope JP2 made large strides, leaps & bounds, to make peace between the Catholic Church and other demoninations...there was ever talk of eventually allowing 'open communion' which would allow non-Catholics to participate fully in the Mass...after all the point of the Mass is to take Communion....that's why service ends shortly there after...everything comes before...

But he has thrown in a monkey wrench on this one. In fact he seems to be reversing a LOT of the strides that Pope JP2 made...I knew when I saw him get in that the Church would be in its starting to rear its head. I know that a lot of people say that prophecy states that he will be the last pope that the church will have--because he will destroy the church.

It is really tough for me to accept him on any level...I thought once of being a nun...but I now I am glad I didn't do it, I couldn't except him. Here is the latest news I've found on line:
*The pope says that the concern about global warming should never put animals & plant life over that of human beings (actually that was what I was originally going to post about...finally someone in power with speaks the "truth"...actually the first I heard of it it was reported as "pope denounces global warming")

*he has reversed the stride that pope JP2 made in elections of the pope, by
reverting back to a stron 2/3 majority for elections--now JP2 had made it so
that after a few days of locked voting that just a majority was needed to elect
the new pope...this way the church would not be without a leader for an extended
period of time...actually what the deadlocks do is leave the church in the hands
of the cardinals--and cardinals/bishops tend to get crooked (as history has

*he is going to allow Latin masses again--which I think is a good thing in
the long father says he can remember in the service that no matter what
country he was in he knew he could go into the church and he would be able to
understand what was going speaking latin he could communicate with the
locals even if he didn't know the native tongue.

*despite the use of Latin....Pope sounds like he is up holding the changes
made in Vatican 2--except the above references to other christian

*he wants countries to accept refugees....but his definition of "refugee"
is vague enough to include illegals who simply claim that they are fleeing
poverty which could be considered "true life-threatening dangers"...a refugee to me is someone who is misplaced due to political upheaval, war,
or civil atrocities....there's a slight difference there.

*he is moving St. Patty's day 2 days earlier next yr. because it
clashes with Holy Week....I've always wondered--why does St. Patrick get a
holiday but no others do?? Well St. Nick, yeah, but only because the
church needed an image to take over for the Oak King in order to sway the
pagans....that's why they look so simular. Why doesn't St. Jude or St.
Michael the Archangel get their own major holiday? I think they are more
important than a saint that just tooted some snakes away.

*he is clarifying the church standing on Limbo--that place where the unborn
and unbaptized children go when they die--he is giving hope that they will be
able to get into heaven. I'm sorry I was always told by my mother who was
seriously considering on becoming a nun (really serious, only two things kept
her out--her love of ice-skating and meeting my dad) that God would never keep a
child out of heaven just because they weren't baptized...we were raised with the
belief that while we might be born with Original Sin we wouldn't be punished
until we acted upon it.

*the emissary to Isreal will now be allowed (perhaps told) to attend the
annual ceremony remembering the victims of the holocast--seperate post for thst
story, btw.

well that's it for now.

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