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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can you really blame them?? - Vatican Ambassador Attends Holocaust Memorial Service in Boycott Reversal:

"Yad Vashem believes that it was inappropriate to link an issue of historical
research with commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust,' she said."

Okay, I can understand the outrage of the Jewish people over the church not taking a firm stand....I can even totally understand the church trying to canonize the pope at the time...but what I can not understand is why the museum would put up something they know would upset the catholic church and then call them in to look at it.

Sorry that's just rude. Even after the church has told them that their research is wrong and offered other proof that the church was helping behind the scenes in such a way as to be able to save thousands instead of coming straight out and shutting off those lines of escape.

While we can look back now and say "you were wrong", at the time, the move put the church in great danger and was probably the best way to handle things.

What really gets me is the quote above by the museums creator...if he really felt that it was wrong to link historical research to the mouring for the victims--why didn't he just take down the offending blirp next to the pope's photo????? because he doesn't really believe it!!

I don't blame the church for wanting to boycott fact I wouldn't blame ANY of the countries who are being lame-basted for not showing up.

While we should never forget the horrors or how it happened....a good host never embarrasses their guests on purpose...and this is definately on purpose.

Check out the story for the exact wording they used to describe the pope's actions....more than slightly inflamatory!!!

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