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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hogwarts Sock Swap 2

Okay here is a link to the Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 google CACHE....this means that google had one saved in its memory.

Hopefully this will stay up for a while....all the links are clickable and usable so you will be able to get to everyone else's blog sites.

I still haven't heard what happened that they pulled them down but I loved checking in and seeing what was new.

Plus we never heard who won the house cup this year! I got a few answers for the trivia contests and the posting I'm a tad involved here---or maybe its just the Slytherin in


omly said...

The whole not totalling the house points happened last round too. I am not sure what happened with the blog disappearing though. Maybe contact the organizer?

Ginger Gargoyle said...

I have written the deputy headmistress but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm thinking it was probably a surprise to them too.

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