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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Resurrection of the old recipe--followup

First for those interested the original post/recipe can be found here:
Three Kings Bread

Well I baked it up using Sunkist "Almond Accents:sliced almonds", dried pineapple chunks (there are ones I get in the $1 section of the store for snacking), and Amport Foods "Cranberries & Goldens" from Sam's club...and omitted the dark raisins...well more out of need, my kids love them and ate them all gone.

The bread looked like this when it was done:

Its not as dense as a fruit cake but it is delicious! I wished it had come out a tad sweeter (notice I didn't put the frosting on top), actually that kind of shocked me because of the sweetened condensed milk--I thought it would have been almost too sweet but it wasn't.

I found it did taste better the second day--in fact it was gone the second day when my teenager saw it had fruit in it.

What I do like about this recipe is:
1. it could easily be made into rolls/buns because the batter isn't quite as thin as the original recipe
2. it had lots of flavor so it didn't need butter on it...the old recipe needed the butter for the bready part, this one had a really nice flavor...not sure if it was because I used butter instead of shortening or if it was the s/c milk.

I will probably use the recipe again...but I will have to tweak it some more to try to get even closer to the original....will keep you posted!

maybe some lemon peel would help....wonder what some all-spice would do to the flavor....

Sorry, thinking out loud again.

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