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Monday, December 17, 2007

Well this explains the debates! Endorses McCain & Clinton

This makes sense...if you had watched the Registers debates you would have seen (you really needed to watch both of them) that the democrats were treated more civilly than the republicans were--the editor of the newspaper was more engaging, laughing, smiling, joking with the candidates instead of being staunch, strict, herding, pointed, confrontational.

Why McCain? Because he is veiwed by many republicans as being a democrat in elephants clothing. Thompson, I thought and the charts during the debates showed, took the debate hands down but since he is not currently carrying double digits in the polls people are counting him out of the race. Ron Paul, who's supporters you can find all over YouTube, is also left behind even with his large youth following--but then I just can not seeing him being able to win the White House....he ideas being rather radical to the republican party (personally he strikes me of saying whatever he needs to in order to win, I find many of his statements not just shocking but NUTS).
The absolute best part==my in-laws are more likely to vote for McCain than Hillary...they just aren't ready to have a female president yet...Obama they would support--although I know my MIL happens to like McCain a lot.


So now the truth is out.

I move that next time there is a debate in Iowa that they try to find someone more partial to moderate it--

I vote for Bill O'Rielly!

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