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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aww, c'mon now!!!

Suicidal pets get anti-depressants "PETS at risk of self-harm are increasingly being prescribed anti-depressants because they cannot discuss problems in their lives with others, a leading veterinarian says.
... parrots seemed to have been the most affected by depression, Mr Pizzi told the newspaper."
Pardon my laughing, but their parrots I would think if they were depressed we'd hear about it!

For some reason I get this image of the parrot looking and sounding a lot like Richard Lewis. Or maybe that one always depressed comedian with the wild hair on the sides ('cuz he doesn't have any on top), he reminds me a lot of Eeyore....can't remember his name, but I could see him as a depressed Cockatiel.

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