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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What is WRONG with people??!!! - Family Holds Vigil For Snowball Shooting Victim:
"Family and friends came together to remember a young man who was shot on the same day he was celebrating his 16th birthday.

Authorities said Feltonville resident Teven Rutledge Wilson was shot in the head at point-blank range while playing with neighborhood friends in the 4800 block of D Street on Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses say the shooting was sparked from a casual snowball fight amongst children.

A friend of Teven's, who was also involved in the playful snowball fight, said the shooting happened after a wayward snowball accidentally struck a passing neighbor.

Police said the adult male became enraged and left the scene, returning moments later with a gun.

Witnesses say Teven's effort to apologize to the man went unnoticed and the man pulled out a gun and began firing."
Geez, it was a snowball man...not a rock! And even then you don't get a frickin' call the cops and have them handle it!

I am so sick that kids have to be afraid of going out of their house--even to just be kids! Didn't this guy ever play as a kid? Didn't he ever get out in the snow? How messed up did this guy's childhood have to be for him to take this kind of action over a snowball???

Hug your kids tonight!

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