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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Democratic Debate:Ohio

Okay quick summary of the debate:

Clinton: blah, blah blah
Obama: me too.

Obama: blah, blah, blah
Clinton: me too.

Well actually that's not fair....Clinton did less of the 'me too' type of answer than Obama did--that should make a lot of people go 'hmmm', but it won't.

5Million new jobs in 10 yrs? How can Clinton 'pledge' that? She back paddled on the goof she made when she ran in 2000 saying she could make jobs in New York by saying she was counting on Gore being in the White House [I wonder why she was so sure?].

But again I have to say I am generally disappointed with the debates--you would think they were running against Bush instead of McCain....its really sad that the party can't get their head in the game and stop beating the lame duck.

Foreign Policy:

Clinton took Obama to task for lack of knowledge of FP....Obama feels that time has nothing to do with experience....what? In this case experience has to do with experience---and he just doesn't have it yet. Yes he has been over in some other nations, but truly when it comes to protocol and how to handle oneself around a person you really don't like but you have to deal with....Clinton has the ball here. She did not like Raisa Putin (no, not Putin...the other one)...yet she smiled her way thru it all and they didn't tear each others hair out.

A-hah moment:

Obama claims that he would have done the exact same thing Bush did (of course he said 'administration' instead of Bush for giving credit)...when the took out the third highest ranking Al-Quida leader. Just remember that...he would also enter into another nation uninvited in order to get someone he sees as an isn't that a violation of international law? I keep thinking about what we would do if the roles were reversed...another nation coming into our country w/o permission to kill, not arrest, an enemy of their country, and 'took out' innocent by-standers as wel.

You know there would be holy-hell to pay!

I noticed that for the first time in a debate Obama held his hands in 'prayer position' a LOT...subliminal messaging? Maybe, they just showed him doing it more often tonight than they had before.

I am glad to see Clinton coming out swinging...its just too bad that she waited until now to do it. I understand why she waited...I can't believe that she has waited until the last round though. Its so sad. Its like watching a boxing match where the better fighter allowed himself to get bloody so he would look good when he had his come-back...but instead he just looks desperate, even with the perfect punches thrown.

I was looking at his background...did you know he has only been out of law school 17 years? I know it seems like a long time but really its not. He did however spend those 17 years practicing constitutional law which to me means he will know what he can/can't do so he won't have any excuses about why he will duck the constitution [which, I'm sorry to say every president since Jefferson has done]. I also noticed that they breeze past it pretty quickly.
I was also noticing that he's not a very good speaker, he sure trips over his words alot and seems to lose his train of thought trying to remember everything that's been drummed into his head by his 'handlers'.

Oooo, Russert caught Obama in an appearent lie in campaign finance stuff...because he is hiding behind the 'I'm not the candidate' clause. Clinton was asked an equally tough question, why Bill & she won't release their income tax records...she is also hiding behind the 'if I'm the candidate I'll do it' phrase.

Ooo, Clinton says there is no risk of rejecting support like Farrakan's....she also pointed out that there is a difference between rejecting & denouncing....OOOO....Obama gave in when he realized that he was NOT going to win this one and DENOUNCED & REJECTED Farrakan's endorsement!!!!

You GO GIrl!! I've got to tell you it was looking like she was going to help him off the mat there for a second then --BAM-- sucker punch!! hee hee hee

Clinton is taking Russia's "democratic" process into question--Putin placing a 'puppet president' in his sted the way Castro put Ballista in before he took over. Obama just talke about Putin...nothing about the new pres. coming in.

Clinton wishes that she could take back her vote on allowing troops into Iraq...but that the election has to be about the future (so why all the talk about Bush, Bush, Bush?)
Obama wished he had tried to stop Terry Shrivel (the young woman on the feeding tube in FL who was clinically brain dead) instead of letting it go...and as a 'constiturional lawyer I should have known better" he said...So if he was willing to stand there and say nothing as a Senator because he was 'new', what will he do as a President then?

the question Obama thinks Clinton needs to answer? Said Clinton would be better president than McCain (nice gesture looking at the numbers, empty)...he refuse to ask a question of her

The question Clinton thinks Obama needs to answer? [get him Hill!] Who can actually change the country? [wait, that's not a question he has to answer...oh Hill you're blowing it kid!]

Okay that was a bust---both just took the opportunity to drum their old tired drum again.

told you...she just looked beaten up at the end. Its too bad....I think I would vote for her more than McCain....figures that a man would get the candidacy you know what kind of message that would send to so many countries out there?

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