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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Minnesota's budget deficit hits nearly $1 billion

Minnesota's budget deficit hits nearly $1 billion:
"Lawmakers have to solve the deficit problem by June of next year because the state constitution requires a balanced budget. They say they probably won't resort to tax increases to do it.
They can use spending cuts, dip into cash reserves, or shift money via accounting changes. But Gov. Tim Pawlenty has said he would oppose tax increases, and leading Democratic lawmakers said it would be futile to fight him on it."
I'm sure they are crying over it. I heard today that they are talking about expanding the scope of the existing sales tax to include items which are now considered necessities....I don't know if this type of move would need the governor's approval or not. Soon MN could be like WI and have taxes payable on everything. The next thing to go after that will be 'homestead' and see.
So how coincidental do you think it is that all this overspending started shortly after the removal of the State Auditor position?
It would be interesting to see where they put the money....I mean other than their increase in stipends.

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