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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kongs, not as tough as they think

Our husky's last photo, his eyes were a very nice blue with "lightening bolts" in his eyes.

Okay so we have had this Kong for quite a while used to belong to our late husky. He was a fairly good chewer which is why we got it for him--he used to make short work out of all the other toys we would get him, he actually found the kong's more than sufficient. He had that looked like a black snowman and then this one that Addy is chewing on.

Photo taken with our home security camera
problem with bright sun hitting camera lens

Addy saw the camera move
which interupted her chewing

Just before the holidays I tried to throw the red Kong for Addy to catch and it landed on top of the roof, rolling down against the gutter where it stuck in the snow. So for the holidays we bought her another just like the first because she seemed to miss it so much.

After she was satisfied it was the camera that moved and not me
she got back to her work

This morning I decided to fill it with 'Kong Stuff' (mint flavored for dog breath) and gave it to her, she loved it. But as I was filling it I noticed that she had managed to chew down the ridges of the Kong (this one is designed to clean the teeth). Oh no. Where do we go from here? Kongs are the strongest thing out there!

We also got her an orange fetching 'dummy' .... a nice large one so we can get it out of her mouth while fetching -- to narrow and you can't get her to let it go -- and somehow she snuck it outside yesterday when we weren't watching.

We now have an orange colored tube that's opened on both ends.

I'm waiting for it to come out in the end.

This dog ..... got to love her.

But I can't wait for her to


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