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Friday, February 08, 2008

Review - SVTea...Eve's Garden

First it has been a while since I have done a product review so indulge me while I share with you a nice find from several years before I ever got a blog....

Simpson & Vail, Inc. a wonderful tea company who has been around for nearly 80 years.

I had never ordered tea via internet before so I was a tad leary, but they are a wonderful company who were very helpful and seemed to enjoy answering my questions on quality and shipping time....I was so impressed that I easily ordered enough tea to start my own tearoom!

They have a wide variety of tea, coffee, food stuffs, and teaware (pots, cup sets, mugs, infusers, pot warmers, linens, etc.) but I found them for their teas. So it is one of their teas which I will review for this posting....

This is Eve's Garden. It has Red Clover blossoms, pau d'arco, chamomile, strawberry leaves, damiana, spearmint, vitex berries, cramp bark, nettle leaf, and licorice root.

here is a better shot of the color of the brew and its colors

now I like a sweet tea, usually 1 tsp/cup. To brew use 1 tsp per cup of brew and brew for at least 5 minutes but as much as 10 minutes(I like mine at 5 minutes), and I use my coffee maker to heat the water so I don't have to wait for it to cool too much before I drink it.

It has a very delicate flavor...rather mellow. It reminded me very much of chamomile although it is different (its kind of hard to explain). You can not taste the licorice as I thought I would be able too...nor the nettle....nor the mint for that matter (which is unusual, mint is so overpowering). The purpose of this tea is to help with monthly cramping and other needs (although they say it has "herbs that are noted to tone and strengthen a woman’s system") although I think it could probably use a bit of rose hip and/or rose petals for flavor, color, and vitamin C.

I like it and will more than likely use it quite a bit. My daughter swears by it during her 'trying days' every month. It is very reasonably priced.

4 oz. (pictured) for $5.95 should make approximently 56 cups, that's about 10 1/2 cents a cup!!! Much cheaper than those boxes of pills.

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