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Friday, February 08, 2008

I always thought the Saudi's were better than this - American Woman Boasted of Saudi Freedoms To Bush Brother Before Arrest at Starbucks:
"I was boasting about Riyadh, telling him it doesn't deserve its bad
reputation,' she said. 'I told him I never experienced any harassment. I'd had no trouble as a woman. It was business as usual.'

But on Monday, Yara learned that she had been wrong. She was thrown in jail, strip-searched, threatened and forced to sign false confessions by the kingdom's 'Mutaween' police.

'When I was arrested, it was like going through an avalanche,' she
said. 'All of my beliefs were completely destroyed.'
Yara's crime: sitting with a male business partner in the 'family-only' section of the Starbucks -- the only area of the café where women and men can sit together. In Saudi Arabia, public contact between unrelated men and women is strictly prohibited."
What I liked was the way the headlined this---wouldn't you think it meant there was a conspiracy involving Pres. Bush trying to silence an alternative view???'s what she did...
She dared to sit in a booth with a business partner (who happened to be male) to do business because the power was out at their regular office space. It does not say whether they were on the same side of the booth or whether they even touched....
They took her passport and didn't care about her US what is our Ambassador doing about it? Diddly!!!!!!! They say its an 'internal' matter--well actually its not... it involves a US citizen, the very least they could do is get her a good lawyer and arrange for the Saudi government to pay for the attorney should the case be determined unfounded====oh wait======too late, they already had her trial!

never let anyone tell you their country has freedoms ours does not....we many have a lot of laws, but damn it, we can sit on the same side of the table as a guy and not be tramatized for it!!!

This is ridiculous----I just can't believe the American Embassy didn't do anything. That is so wrong. That is what they are there for!!! To aid our citizen's in a time of great need!!!!!

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