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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Some Scouting clarification

Texas gov. defends Boy Scouts in book - Yahoo! News:
"he says any discussion of sex — heterosexual or homosexual — has no place in scouting."
Yes he is against homosexuality but he is right in that sexual orientation has no place in scouting.

I also hate it when they start talking about the duty to God---like only Christians can be a scout---there are LOTS of religions in scouting! It isn't so much about a duty to "God" as it is a duty to a higher 'being' or 'level of conciousness'...yes the majority of the scouts in the US are christian, but that's not necessarily the case around the world and I would like the National Scouting Council to take a stand on this issue.

As a matter of fact, when my son & I went on a camping trip we were 'required' to go to a prayer service in which they combined several religions...including Native American aspects...they tailored it to the religions of the boys at the camp (who reported their religions). As a member of a group who what not directly represented I have to say it was very respectful of all religious views.

Nor will you find any active discrimination of sexual orientation in the scout troops.

I will probably get the book because of this part of the story:
"On My Honor" is published by Stroud & Hall of Macon, Ga., which specializes in books from a conservative viewpoint. Stroud & Hall would not release how many of the books are in print. All net proceeds go to the Boy Scouts of America...

Yes that's right--he isn't getting a diggity-dang thing!! ALL the proceeds go to the Scouts...this means that boys can join a 'gang' of kids learning to do GOOD things instead of distructive things. Say what you will about their views, you can not deny that a great number of scouts move up in the world, make it a better place, and fewer of them end up in prison.

Now what they consider to be 'net proceeds' they don't say--it would be nice to know how much of each book sold actually makes it to the scouts.

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