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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

YouTube brings weirdness to Spain election - Yahoo! News

YouTube brings weirdness to Spain election - Yahoo! News:
"The format has already been rehearsed in the United States, where a YouTube debate between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was praised for its spontaneity."
Spontaneity my know they got a clue as to what those questions were going to be--no candidate these days is going to go into a debate 'blind' anymore---they don't want that Kiriakis moment...or that Nixon moment of looking bad.

And I noticed that they didn't bother to mention that the republicans had also used the format, or that it was used in an earlier democratic debate when there were still lots of fingers-in-the-pie.
But so far, Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has limited any possible embarrassing moments by responding to only a handful of relatively tame clips picked by Spanish television.
okay this does surprise me--I can not imagine a candidate not answering a question...I can imagine them giving some sort of answer (even Thompson said he was not going to raise his hand to a question that would have obligated him to something he knew could not be promised...and he said so)

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