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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Suppliment: Gravel for President

Mike Gravel For President 2008 Let the People Decide!

I wanted to be sure to give Mike Gravel a plug for his website and to let everyone see this commercial he has on YouTube...I think its pretty awesome because it gets to the heart of the matter without filling your ears with a bunch of double speak....only thing its missing is where Gravel stands on any of this stuff.

Now that Super Tuesday is over I have not heard whether he is considering dropping out--and if he did, does anyone think the media will pay attention. I know in our state people didn't even know they had a choice.

While I don't agree with lots of what he says--at least he's not covering it in shit and calling it roses.

LOL...I walked around the site a bit and just had to check out the Gravel Gear---LOL....they want $30 for a t-shirt & a bumpersticker --thats it, just those two things. Gee wonder why they have such a small budget. Well unless that thing is studded with diamond chips or has 14K gold thread as just isn't worth it....or maybe if the bumpersticker covered from one end of the car to the other (not that you'd ever find it on my car)

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