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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tea and Sympathy

Well--I just got back from Coffee Clutch time with the other mothers from Cub Scouts--at least the ones I know & like--but I, of course, had some Earl Grey tea. Not too bad, less than $2 for a double cup of tea...took the oldest daughter along since she was meeting a friend to go over a presentation they are doing next week and she wanted a coffee....some fancy dansy thing that cost $4!
I told her I could remember when coffee was 25 cents a cup, and even then I thought it was too expensive--she's killing me here.

Well I packed up my iPod, my compendium of Jane Austen novels, a ball of Svale yarn and my dpns...just in case.

Well got caught up on all the latest gossip....learned my kids really aren't that unusual as far as kids go, and that most of the issues they have would be solved if teachers just took a more active role in letting parents know what's going on instead of expecting the kids to do it.

One mother had an issue with her kid thinking that he was failing a class when he in fact was doing really really well with it...just that the way the teacher had worded things and looked at the kids he thought he was one of the two failing kids in class. Now why the hell would let the entire class in on someone's grade? I don't care if he didn't mention a name, I don't care if he didn't feel he pointed anyone out---you don't do that! If you are having troubles with one of the kids getting their homework done then he should have a conference with that kid & his/her parents--not air it out in front of the whole class.

Another mother was telling how her kid has to take 'bullying classes' (kind of like 'anger management') because some kid accused her son of calling him a 'he-she'....which he claims he didn't do....but he was under the impression that unless he confessed that he would be suspended for 6weeks! now that's wrong! The teacher didn't hear it happen...and he is going on one child's word over another....and the accused is swearing up & down that he didn't do it...and there is no proof it why would they automatically lean on this kid? My guess is that there is more going on in this situation than the mother knows of---but the only way she is going to find out is to talk to the teacher and the vice-principal about it.

This is really too bad...he's a sweet kid. I just can't see him doing anything like least not on purpose...I don't even think he would know what it means. his mom did say one of the other kids in the class apologized to him after he got in trouble ~=~ so it must have happened in front of the whole class instead of keeping it private ~=~ so mom is thinking that perhaps the apologizer is the one who really said it.

I just hope this doesn't show up on his permanent record--I have known this boy for 3 1/2 yrs and I just can't see him doing it. Yes he will stand up for himself if he feels wrong/slighted, but I can't see him doing the bullying. I know he did have problems with a bully at the old school but that kid hasn't bothered him yet this year (that anyone knows of).

Well we chatted for a couple of hours. Daughter met one of her friends to work on their project and when the other mother's wanted to go she wanted to stay...good thing I packed up extra stuff.

Well the girls finished what they had to do, but her friend's mother wasn't going to get her until we decided to stay a bit longer since daughter was 'helping' her with her homework and I got to know the girl a little. A bit flaky, but then I suppose I was at her age too. Finally at 4pm I asked if her mom was coming to get her at 4 when she said, no she called and wouldn't be coming until after 5pm. Well we couldn't wait that long--besides I couldn't do any reading with those two chattering--but she was nice enough to let me use her cell phone to call hubby to get us. Actually it took two home to find out that hubby had gone into work...she was really nice about it.

So we left her there but she said she would be alright--I hope she is.

Well all is done for now---got two pages read (I just can't read in that kind of enviroment anymore) and absolutely no knitting (daughter discouraged it)---now I just have to wait for the cry of 'but we have to get together to put the project together' from her.

well....I wanted to do a review of the tea I had.

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