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Friday, February 15, 2008

Could not pass this one up!

Nitrogen Pollution Boosts Plant Growth In Tropics By 20 Percent

As a farmer we hear all the time how bad we are for fertilizing the ground...we can't use phosphates but we are allowed to use nitrogen though...for the moment so it is nice to have something in our arsenal to combat those Global Warming freaks.
....Faster plant growth means the tropics will take in more carbon dioxide than previously though....

This means it is combatting global warming! It is cleaning out the build up of carbon monoxide in the air that the GWFs swear will cause us all to fry.
“We hope our results will improve global change forecasts,” said David LeBauer, graduate student researcher of Earth system science at UCI and lead author of the study.

See...its not some nut saying it either---its a serious researcher who is in the business of finding global warming issues! Sometimes I think the GWFs ignore it because they question the researcher/advocates credentials--but this guy is going to a school developed specifically for finding Global Warming.
...Surprisingly, tropical forests that were seasonally dry, located in mountainous regions or had regrown from slash-and-burn agriculture also responded to added nitrogen. Although these are not the tropical forests that typically come to mind, they collectively account for more than half of the world’s tropical forests...

yes you read that right--these non-rain-forest forests are HALF the world's tropical forests! That means we are doing fine.

What really got me was the 'related articles' part of the page--they had been publishing simular articles since 2002 , yes so for at least the last 6 years the GWFs have been totally ignoring reasonable studies that counterdicted their ideals...newspapers didn't pick it up either since the editors are pushing the GWF agenda.

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