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Friday, February 22, 2008

Texas Dem Debate - Analysis: Clinton Chooses Graciousness: "But otherwise, Clinton steered away from any hard-hitting criticism of her rival. She agreed with him [Obama] on most matters raised in the debate, including immigration policy and fixing the economy. She let pass a statement that he [Obama] would be willing to meet with new Cuban leader Raul Castro 'without precondition' after hammering him for making a similar comment in another debate last summer." What? No she didn't! She made a point of saying that that was a particular point where they differed, that she (as President) would not meet with the Cuban "president" until after a true, thorough, complete pathway of diplomancy had been conducted including sending envoys--which is what you are supposed to do!
So by the sounds of it Barrack Obama would put POTUS in harms way without doing any of this first--we can't have that! Not even the Pope would do that!--oh excuse me, I forgot there's an anti-pope in charge now---Not even Pope John Paul 2 would do that (that's better).

Actually, I would have to say that between the two of them--I like Hillary better. He did a pretty good job at BSing his way thru questions but if you really listen he didn't say anything!
I am really dreading this's what I've heard:
If its McCain vs. Obama:
Dems who are for Clinton will vote for McCain instead of seeing Obama get in, despite what the party says.
Reps who do not like McCain will still vote for him, or a possible third party candidate.
If its McCain vs. Clinton:
Dems who are for Obama will be voting for McCain instead of letting Clinton get in for what they deem as 'dirty politics' thanks to Bill
Rep who don't like McCain will vote for Hillary because she actually has a more conservative voting record than McCain does.

So by the sounds of it---Clinton would actually have the better chance of winning this thing....I can't understand why she isn't doing better. One has to wonder who thinks they will be able to take advantage of Obama's naevity in office to get what they want.

I've also heard that we may have a repeat of the 1969 Chicago Dem Convention on the floor--especially if Hillary gets those 'super delegates' which would give her the nomination even though the 'populus' vote did not (sound familiar?).

The only way to insure that the Dems get in would be a Obama/Clinton ticket...or a Clinton/Obama ticket---only each would have to worry about assassination so the other could get in.

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