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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Well --- DUH!!!!

Space Station Crew Can Access Gun - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando:
"Former NASA engineer Jim Oberg, who is an author and journalist, wrote about the gun on his Web site. He said the gun has no place in an environment where people are under such high stress. {Ginger adds-No fucking shit!}
'There have been cases of severe psychological strain on people in space, strain that they have taken out -- that their shipmates worried about the ultimate actions,' Oberg said."

Yeah....not to mention that whole empty vacume of space thing!!!!!!
Geez! What did the Russians think that they were going to get boarded by aliens or something??? Did they think that someone could really board the ship without them knowing about it first??
How the hell would that happen?
Like could you just see the astronauts sitting up there watching some movie on the HD-DVD and suddenly there's a knock on the door?
What is it one of their mother's checking that they are brushing their teeth and changing their undies every day???

WTF!!! WHY would you need a gun in space?
If you are going to have a crash landing from up there----trust me--no fucking gun is going to be of any use to you!!!

Ahhhh, unless the Russians figure that instead of facing a firey death it would be more humane to commit murder/suicide. That's the only practical purpose I can see for it.

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