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Friday, February 15, 2008


stephen P. Kazmierczak age 27 was the shooter at the NIU (Northern Illinios University campus)...according to one reporter several of the victims had the same last name as the shooter. Sounds like he was on medication but they are not releasing the name/brand of medication.

there were 5 victims and the shooter who died; only one victim was over the age of 30 and the others were around 20yrs old.

They do not have a motive yet.

they do say the shooter was behaving irratically and he was 'revered' by students and staff---so I'm assuming that he was probably a teacher's aide, grad student.

Complete names of victims are available on the NIU homepage.

3 handguns and shotgun were found on the shooter, and they were obtained legally 6 days ago.

he brought them in to the building in a guitar case, but began shooting as soon as he entered the auditorium.
48 casing, 6 gun shot shells were on the floor.

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