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Friday, February 08, 2008

What the F is going on???? - Woman Shoots Others, Self at Louisiana Technical College

It used to be you never heard stories about people going nuts and shooting up a school/job/etc. Now it seems like we have an outbreak every couple of months.

And you never heard of a woman doing it....or extremely rarely!

I wonder how much of it is because we have a better news service in place than we did in the past...just look at what internet has done....or if its that it is happening more often.....but I do not think its because guns are more affordable or easier to get.

it will also be interesting to see what, if any, medications this woman was on. There are so many out there that they are linking to this behavior that one has to wonder what is motivating the FDA when they push for shorter testing periods on drugs before releasing them into the public.

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