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Monday, March 31, 2008

Damn ... we agree

ABC News: Pelosi: President Should Consider Boycotting Olympics' Opening:
"'I don't think China should have gotten the Olympic Games to begin with,' Pelosi told GMA. 'I had a resolution in the Congress which was very popular, and bipartisan support on it. But they did get them with the promise that they would open up more and have better respect for human rights and freedom of expression. They have not honored that.'"
I also could not believe that China got the Olympics with their human-rights record ... and with the recent problems I would like have seen the OIE (OEI? IOE? IOA? well you know what I mean) take it away -- but then where would they hold it?
Although the way we withdrew from the Olympics over the Afghanistan invasion, I was wondering if we would do something very simular this time.
But then the only ones who really got harmed were the athletes who didn't get to participate ... amongst whom was Kerry Von Erich (although I think he was going under his legal name of Kerry Adkisson) of 1980's Professional Wrestling fame.

I do think at the very least we should hold out on the opening ceremonies -- if enough nations do it then it will be a real statement ... but if its just a couple of nations it will be pretty hollow.

I just can't believe that for once she and I have to agree! I feel like I just took some nasty medicine!

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