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Monday, March 31, 2008

Can't really blame them

Some Truckers Plan Strike Over Diesel Costs - Money News Story - WSMV Nashville:
"After paying their monthly truck note, then having to deal with soaring diesel prices, independent truckers said they don’t have any money to support their families or pay bills."
They have such a slim profit margin as it is and then throw onto it not just high gas prices but increasing gas-taxes as well! I would hate to try to make a living at it these days (in high school with programs such as 'BJ and the Bear' and movies like 'Convoy', 'Any Which Way...". and 'Cannonball run" I thought it looked great ... plus all the truch drivers I knew were really nice people).

And any 'tax relief' that congress will come up with will more than likely be some rebate that the truckers can take off on their tax returns ... but then that still won't help them until its too late.

So they are talking a three day strike - April 1-3rd - but they are having such a slim profit now that I would think taking three days off is really going to cut into their budget ... and I'm not sure how much of an impact they will have either since it is only the independants that are doing it and my understanding is that about 95% of the truckers are teamsters and cant strike unless the union says so.

We will see what happens.

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