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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just shut the damn site DOWN

Baby For Sale On Craigslist - Spotlight News Story - WKMG Orlando:
"Police in Portland are investigating an ad posted on the popular Web site Craigslist featuring a baby for sale for $1,000....The ad shows a baby covered in food or mud being held by an adult.
Text with the ad reads, "We are out of tweak and we will sell this baby for a thousand dollars." Tweak is another word for methamphetamine, Local 6 reported."
I would hope this ad is just a hoax...but more than likely not.

Why aren't the Feds closing this site down???
Why aren't the staffers of CraigsList monitoring things better??
When is someone going to be held accountable for this stuff the same way that MySpace was for the sexual preditors????

C'mon people!!! How many court cases have to be brought before judges that originate from this site before someone takes a real notice?

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