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Monday, March 31, 2008

Life Lessons the Hard Way

Well my son learned a life lesson today -- mom knows ALL.

I mentioned to him last night, and this morning, that the jumper cable parts for his emergency battery charger was in the basement and he should put them into his car.

Well he didn't do it right away and went off to school without them.

Then for some silly reason (inexperience more than likely) he left his lights on and defleted the battery.

Wet heavy snow .... cold and windy ... in tennis shoes .... at least he had the sense to wear a coat today - usually he doesn't.

He can't get a hold of his friends, his father can NOT break away from work, his grandfather can't close down his business to drive way over there (its 20 minutes on a good day), so now he gets to learn the lesson of 'how to call a taxi' ... my father and my husband think I'm being mean about it - making him do it on his own - but then he has to learn how to do it sometime, right?

I'm hoping his has enough common sense not to leave his wallet in the car which is another one of his stupid-is-as-stupid-does.

Hubby was finally going to call his cell phone - instead of doing telephone tag thru me - and see what they can work out (hubby thinks he will have to get a new battery)

Wait ... what's that?? He's home, thank the gods.

He said there was enough to turn on the radio but not turn over the car ... so he let it sit a while and he's fine.

Told him to put those jumper cables in the car .... he said he will do it ... tomorrow.

Guess all I can do is roll my eyes at him! He does it to me enough.

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