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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

No...they weren't in on it.

Canada says leak was blatantly unfair to Obama Politics Reuters:
"Harper said the government was mounting an 'internal security investigation' to find out who leaked the information, which suggested Obama's campaign had said not to pay too much attention to his protectionist rhetoric on NAFTA.
'This kind of leaking of information is completely unacceptable and in fact ... it may well be illegal,' the prime minister told Parliament."
Okay so here's what I think.
(1)yes they should figure out where the 'leak' was and whether it broke the law.
(2)gee, considering that the Obama camp said not to worry about what he was saying--I wonder why the Can.PM would say it was 'unfair' its news that the voters needed to know
(3)this is making the PM look really, really bad in trying to keep this all hush-hush
(4)they don't want Clinton because she has said that she wants to re-negotiate NAFTA, tighten up imports of meats from Canada and bring in socialized med which would mean that Canada would get less people coming up there to buy their medicines.
"It is not useful, it is not in the interests of the government of Canada, and the way the leak was executed, Mr. Speaker, was blatantly unfair to Sen. Obama and his campaign."
How do you figure this isn't serving the interests of Canada-you are making backroom deals with someone who isn't even President....oh, I bet you meant the leak
Oh it was fair for you to start making deals with a potential candidate before he got elected---that's so wrong. And technically since Obama isn't supposed to be setting foriegn policy...well you know. It was unfair for the Canadian governmnet knowing this was going on and NOT saying anything about it to our people.
Keeping this under your hat is akin to foreign interference in our election process. If this memo had come from someone the Canadians didn't want to be President, do you think they would have kept it all hush-hush? I don't think so.

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