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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Of all the things to waste tax payers money on! :: KARE 11 TV - Poll Results:
"Current Results
Some Minnesota legislators are proposing lowering the legal
age from 21 to 18 years old to drink alcohol. What do you think?
Yes, if they're old enough to go to war, they're old enough to drink alcohol at 18 2282 Votes
Yes, they're drinking at 18 already anyway, it should be legal 355 Votes
No, 21 is the right age and the law works now 936 Votes
No, we have enough alcohol related issues, drinking at 18 would make them worse 3858 Votes

Total Votes Cast: 7431"
I wouldn't mind so much about the "if they're old enough to go to war" argument EXCEPT they aren't going to war...and most of the people saying it are against the military in general.
The "their drinking anyways" argument is a kin to "laws only apply if you get caught" mentality that is really screwing up this nation.

I think that if they are in the military then they should be able to drink in bars IF they show their MILITARY I.D...otherwise nope. Actually the way it is now, from my understanding, is that 18yr old military personale CAN drink ON BASE at the PX (or whatever it is) but they can not off base because then they are under civilian law.

I hope they don't change it...well actually I wish they would--put it up to 25yrs old. By then you have a bit more common sense...or at least one would hope so!

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