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Monday, March 17, 2008

On or Off the Wagon?

Okay, today I'm feeling like I'm at my Senior Hayride again in high school. You know the one where they try to push you off so you have to run to catch up to the wagon? Well when they tried to do it to me, I didn't competely fall off so there was controversy amongst my friends whether it really counted or not.

Some said that technically since I held onto the wagon and never lost my balance was able to hop back on with out missing a step... it didn't count. Some said that since my butt left the platform, even for a little bit, it counted as being pushed off.

Well that's where I am today .... only its the Yarn Diet wagon I may or may not have fallen off of.

Herrschners had this super sale on hanks of their tapestry yarn. They came in an asst. of 5 hanks (about 43 yds each hank) ... so I ordered 10 sets. Even though its made for needlepoint, I figured it would be great for socks, especially those which have images or stripes. I thought it would work out great.

But now that they are here I'm wondering if I fell off the wagon or not.

Is it considered cheating on my diet by using a product meant for another craft?? I is yarn...but its technically for needlepoint not knitting or crocheting.

Its 100% virgin wool ... but there are no washing instructions - which makes sense, its not made to be used in garments .... it is moth-proof and color fast so I think it will be fine.
Some are twisted hanks and some are more like a skein of floss.
They are thicker than I thought ... or worsted than sport ... actually more of a DK weight, so they would make a rather thick sock.

Definately going to have to gauge it up before starting.

So here I sit amongst my colors (18 different colors) and not a white in the bunch. Which totally amazes me ... I thought for sure I'd get a ton of white, black, deep blue, etc. But I got a lot of autumn tones instead ... some lovely deep browns, crisp goldens, deep apple, and muted blues -- okay not too keen on those, but I will find a use for them.

I will have to find the color charts for these and get them into the 'stash counter' on the side bar .... "DMC Tapestry" I think would be best heading.

Well off to finish my exchange project. blew my knee out this weekend and was bed ridden so didn't get it off to my partner like I thought I would have. I'm so bummed. Even found two mistakes, one was easier to fix than the other ... have GOT to get this done and off.

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