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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Stupid enablers

You know the end of the movie "Planet of the Apes" (the good one with Charlton Heston, not the remake that looked like monkeys could have done a better job) where Taylor finds the statue of Liberty's head in the sand and realizes that he as been on Earth the whole time? And he yells "Damn them ... damn them all to hell..."? You know that scene?

That's me and Herrschner's today .... only it isn't the Earth they've ruined, its my Yarn Diet they are trying to ruin.

They are having a stash stuffer sale going on and I just got the email for it this morning -- conveniently after the free shipping offer was over btw -- but that is probably a good thing because then it would have been totally irresistable, and I don't need that.

It is totally tempting ... bling bling is $1.29 skein .... they have Cheerio (nylon based) for 99 cents .... Regia 4Ply in Prints (more of an ombre) for 2.97 ... Sparkle Soft for $1.89.

AHHHHGGGG!! I've already got a bunch sitting in my 'shopping cart' waiting for me to break down completely. I just can't be strong any longer.

At these prices I can get a ton of yarn I know .... or samples of yarn I have never heard of .... without smoking the bank acct too much. But then there is hubby. I love him. I know he wouldn't like me to order anymore yarn. No more.

In our room I have a stack of boxes which I keep by my side of the bed. It is how I combat the temptation to order more yarn. It stands about 4 1/2 foot tall. It could very easily fill each of these boxes with yarn. and still needed more boxes.

Usually when I start feeling weak I can look at those boxes and it will make me rethink my yarn purchase (much to Knit Picks shigrin, I'm sure ... at least at Herrschner's I will still order other stuff like needlework/scrapbooking) but this time .... with these prices it just isn't working.

Its the Regia .... it really is. I love the colors they have offered. It will take about 3 skeins to make a pair of socks -- well I could get away with 2 skeins but I would like a bit of extra for patching heels and toes later (even hand mades wear out).

BUT I have so much yarn waiting to be created into their projects now it just seems unfair to put more in those boxes to sit and wait.

But then I look at the economy. I may not be able to buy yarn for too much longer. My goodness some of the stuff I've seen out there is $20 skein and it isn't even hand-dyed. While $20 is pretty steep for yarn, at least with the hand-dye or hand-spun you can see why it would cost so much (neither is very easy to do in large batches). BUT won't be long until I end up in the same problem my mother had.

High gas prices. High heating costs. High food costs. Limited income.

You have to pick & chose where the money goes. And I hate to say it .... but crafting would be the first thing to get snipped out of the 'budget' (yeah, like I've got one of sides hurt now).

So really its mom's fault. She grew up in the depression so she was denied being able to get stuff when she wanted it, heck chances are she couldn't even get stuff when she needed it. Anyhow so then we went thru Inflation under President Carter and things got tough again (milk actually went up over $1.50/gal!!) and the yarn train got thin again. And just as the train started picking up speed we got a LeeWard's Craft Store within 20 minutes of the house (res. streets too).

Then ma became a totally hoarder of yarn. And it stuck ever since. And really it got passed on to me too. I in turn will pass it on to my daughters ... we have the 'addictiver personaity' gene -- I swear!

so now I'm using my blog as a way to avoid the purchase I know I'm going to be making.

yeah i wll probably break down and get the sock yarn. Its just too yummy to pass up. Kind of like chocolate -- which explains the waistline.

I'm so dead.

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