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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What a punch in the stomach!!

Craigslist hoax victim gets some belongings back Local News News for Oregon and SW Washington:

"On his way home he stopped a truck loaded down with his work ladders, lawn mower and weed eater.
'I informed them I was the owner, but they refused to give the stuff back,' Salisbury said. 'They showed me the Craigslist printout and told me they had the right to do what they did.' [ginger says: no they didn't! Where in the Constitution does it say they have this right?]
The driver sped away after rebuking Salisbury. On his way home he spotted other cars filled with his belongings.
Once home he was greeted by close to 30 people rummaging through his barn and front porch."

Okay, so everyone who was told to drop the stuff and leave -- you are GUILTY of theft.
I can not believe that these people would do this! When they showed up and there wasn't any indication that the place was abandoned, condemned, or aucction -- when there wasn't a note on the door to take whatever you wanted - wouldnt you think someone would have scratched their heads???

This poor guy. I think he may have a really good case against Craigslist for not checking the source of the ad before placing it ... only problem is - how will he ever be able to prove the worth or contents of his home??

How many of us keep reciepts for everything? How many of us keep the one's we do over a couple of years? How do you prove the worth of inherited property? Its really sad. I feel for this guy. I sure hpe no one I know took part in this.

So how did the guy find out? Part of the ad said he had a horse for free too .. and when she got there the horse looked way too good for being (a) abandoned and (b) thirty-two years old ... so she did what everyone else should have done --- she called the owner and asked!! Yes she did take the horse by the sounds of it (probably figured 'better safe than sorry') but with the intention of returning it if there was an issue ... she also happened to contact the police to let them know that she wasn't intending to steal the horse and what the situation was, and she did it before the owner actually got back to her.

Who could hate someone so much that they could do this?? I really hope they find the person and make him pay.

Craigslist should just close their doors/website --- they are being linked to such horrid things (from this to murder) that I'm surprised they aren't taking a closer look at the people placing ads on their site.

This is awful

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