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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Questionable Officiating

First let me state that I do not have a dog in this race, really. I am a graduate of Marshall-U (mpls) who won the MN Basketball Tourney in 1976 and my brother was one of the student support 'staff' (whatever it is you call the kids who are on the team, but not really 'on' the team) .... but I was kind of hopping to be able to tease hubby who is grad from Hen-Sib.

But I have to tell you ... the team this year is good. Got a little shaky just after half-time when they lost a 10 pt lead and it wobbled back & forth for the lead. But then they did that in yesterday's game too.

So I'm watching the second half of the game and I saw at least two calls by the officials that I just could not believe.

The first was a foul that was called on Hen-Sib .... even though the opponent charged one of H/S players and sent him sliding on the floor.

The second was a traveling call were one two of the opponent's players were double teaming and very physical with the H/S player and sent him rolling on the floor -- yes ROLLING ON THE FLOOR!! That was the traveling call. The player tried to explain that he was double fouled but the official said he didn't see it that way -- the other team got the ball and scored a 3 pointer.

There was another traveling call, but that one didn't have the clearist shot of the feet but it didn't look like he did ... but someone's head got in the way so I suppose he could have.

H/S won and are going to the final game against Minnetonka I think.

My understanding is that H/S took second in the state.

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