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Friday, March 28, 2008

Someone's Hating Life

Okay this was a chase that just happened on a local freeway. This chase hit nearly 100 mph during RUSH HOUR and STOP&GO traffic.
For this post I'm just going to call the driver male -- because they are all nuts behind the wheel and you know it.
This guy must have had about 25 cop cars chasing him (or her) as bags of what is reported to be money was being bailed from the car's windows.
Shots had been fired when the chase ended in this crash.

This guy pushed cars out of his way on off-ramps & on-ramps, without regard for whether the vehicles might be carrying kids or not.

other than 'shots fired' and a timely ambulance passed my house (which is the general route for the ambulance company in the area) there has been no mention as to whom was actually shot. Sounded like there may have been and exchange of shots though ...

This was a possible bank robbery suspect ... the guy came out blazing and police returned fire -- looks like just about every cop must be there.

more updates as I get them ... maybe some new photos too.

((((((())))))) ((((((((((((((()))))))))))))

UPDATE: 7:36am local

Okay I was able to finally get the traffic map to work and I see this is not where I thought it was, so the ambulance that passed my house was very unlikely the one that showed up on scene - although the timing was amazing and the location was close but I know there's an ambulance station that is closer.

So now they have the crime scene tape up. They are telling people to avoid the area because it is still wild there ... and right now its the ONLY thing going on in the MN highway system.
And yes .... those are old fashioned black&whites! I didn't think any of those were left -- that's why 'The Geek Squad' were able to get a way with painting their cars b&w in the area ... and there is a movement to go back to them instead of the maroon or white ones they have now -- much easier to spot.

Seems to me that if a robber was smart he'd paint his car b&w and blend in with the cop cars.
Okay, so I'm looking at the camera for the incident when it dawns on me that this is a 6 lane exchange - 3 on each side plus turn lanes - but it is so behind the times that in the middle of the highway there is a stop light and a pedestrian walkway. Yep they actually expect people to cross this monster in time.
In comparison: I-94 has 3 lanes each direction, I-35 has 3 lanes each direction ... in fact most interstates are 6 across-and there's a push to make them wider.
Traffic goes at 55 mph - well that's the posteed - so when those lights change they need to stop on the dime.
Who planned this thing? Earnest?
Okay this thing started as an early morning bank robbery in St. Anthony, MN. Now I thought the incident was happening on the 6lane side but this raw video from one of the local news stations shows that it actually took place on the 5 lane side street (2 lanes each direction, plus turn lane).
If you watch the video all the way thru you will see that the suspects car was hit from behind and there is a semitruck & a nice looking pickup off to the side behind him -- I didn't see damage on the cop cars so I'm wondering of one of those two took out the fleeing car.

Bank robberies. That's a Chicago, LA, NY problem -- not a MN problem ... at least not until about 5 yrs ago when we suddenly got a rash of them. Stupid 'transplants' (people from big cities who come here)

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