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Monday, March 03, 2008

Timing is everything

Okay-- I have to be more conservative in my blogging today.

I'm in bed today not feeling very well. I've been up and down all night with what is more than likely a case of food poisoning although I have no idea where I could have gotten it from.

Tonight hubby has a church meeting....and its my son's orientation at boy scouts--which mean I have to take him. Not a good thing to happen this constant bathroom thing.

This is the meeting where we find out what exactly is expected of him....and us...and the troop...and about how he moves up in ranks....badges.....camping....fundraisers....etc....etc....etc.

So you can see its very important. I've got to get better so I can go. Time to break out the Immodium A-D. Normally I would let it run its course....I'm not a big fan of chemical interference unless I have too. (exception being headaches, they blossom too quickly to wait for them to clear on their own).

So I've got that going on.

Plus I have to finish a tatted doily for my exchange partner and have that off into the mail by Friday. So it needs to be done really on Thursday so that I can wash it & block it out so it looks nice.

I am using all six-strands of embroidery floss for the doily, moving from varigated yellow towards purple so it should look like a giant violet or pansy....well maybe not quite, since both are triple lobed and this will just be a single.

I was thinking this morning looking at it that if I had started with white and then moved to a varigated blue to a light blue to a deeper blue it would look like the inside of a morning glory.

Oh well....maybe if I can get going on this one I will have time to make a second. Right now my biggest enemy is time....

oh and the lack of my sewing needle. I have to bury the ends when I go from row to row since I never learned to step-chain up....split rings I can to without issues, but I never did learn to do a split chain.

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