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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Border Wars getting sticky

Okay its not exactly the South American problem, nor those of Kenya, nor even those between Britian & France....but things are getting sticky.

Brett Favre....the hated enemy of MN....has been traded to the MN Vikings!!

Jeepers, now what do we do??

How do we root for our team when it is being lead by Favre???

While yes he may increase the chances of actually getting into the Super Bowl....he is getting very old and is at the end of his career....

why is it we seem to get three kinds of players:
1. those stars who begin to bloom here and then take their talent elsewhere
2. those stars who are at the end of their career but want one last chance of glory
3. those players who thought that this was going to be an easy ride and get into trouble with the law.

maybe he will give a better face to the Vikings than those we currently have. Hmmm, you never know---maybe what we need is a real Boy Scout type.

Since beginning this peice, reports on several stations are saying the Favre has decided to RETIRE instead of coming to MN.
We will see what happens.
There is quite a bit to admire....
his playing on even though his father died
his personal issues with his wife

But I've got to a Viking fan....I'm kind of glad he isn't coming.

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