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Friday, March 28, 2008

The View: Barrack Obama

Okay this was so big that I thought I better give it its own posting. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with all the B.S. that will be throwing down ... and perhaps try to keep from making comments until the end -- and you know that will be the hardest part.

First they talked about some hotel chain that is going to make a room service menu that will offer books from several religions instead of having the bible in the room itself -- I see no problem with this, except that in some hotels room service stops at a certain time.

They also brought up a new comment from Barrack's pastor ... so it will be interesting to see if he answers questions about this one.

++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++
the interview opened with a Barbara booboo where she tells how she didn't remember that Barrack had been on the program, and SHE interviewed him. I think that's a Hillary moment thingy.

Barrack is related to Brad Pitt, they are 9th cousins. Whoopi looked a bit uncomfortable when Barbara told him he was sexy looking.

Barbara brought up his comments about Imus: Barrack said the difference was that the Rev. is retired (well he is now)...also he joined when he joined when he was 27, and this is one of the largest active churches in the city, he says he has never heard him say any of these things (he's back pedalling again)....he thought the statements were less racist and more offensive to America.....says that the rev. simply doesn't have a good idea of how the nation has changed.....Barbara asked about if the Rev. had NOT retired == Barrack says he wouldn't have felt comfortable about staying there (well easy to say that NOW).
Barrack praised his own speech .... Hasselbeck brought up Barrack constantly goes back to using this man as a spiritual advisor, and how he couldn't have known about this man's view.
Hasselbeck also brought up that these speeches were available for purchase at the church.
Barrack answered with his liniage, and how diverse it is. Hasselbeck wasn't letting up on how Barrack even said that some of the speeches were a 'little' rough.
Barrack brought up a story about a member who was going to marry a white guy and decided she couldn't do it after all and that the rev. talked her into it -- (now I see that as the Rev. teachings taking their toll on this womans relationship, he saw it as reaching across race lines).
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Whoopi asked what the first three things he will do ... barrack will call in the staff and have them work on withdrwing from Iraq - he wants them to struggle a bit and that can't happen if we are there to defuse things (OMGs). Put forward legislation to give everyone has healthcare, at least for those who don't have it now--if you already have it they will look into lowering your premiums but your care won't change (your still screwed). Also he wants to deal with the energy crisis, so ... I've got to tell you I couldn't understand what he was saying it was so much double speak.

Joy wanted to know if he can handle the Rep. political machine (she mentioned the Swift Vote - which WASN"T a repulican thing): Barrack said he's skinny but tough. He thinks he can handle it....with the truth (I would hope so), and by taking the high road.

He was asked if his wife will sit in on the cabinet meetings, he said no she doesn't want to (why ould she? she's not an elected official?)
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Sherry asked about how Barrack felt about the fight for the nomination: Barrack says it hasn't gotten dirty, its just that the media is picking and choosing the comments that they are publishing (duh)...but he is convinced that the democrats will come together and not split apart.
Taxes/Economy: Barrack doesn't want higher taxes, but he says he would roll back the Bush tax cuts, wants to cut taxes for those making $75,000 or less (oh please); beleives McCain was correct that the housing mess is caused by people buying homes they knew they pay and banks giving to people they knew couldn't pay, but that some of it was loans to people who got teaser rates who didn't know what they were getting into (WHAT??? I can't believe these people weren't informed of what their obligations would be).
Barbara had to cut off his answer though (before he hung himself) because the program was out of time.
=======commercial break===========

Well that was a lot less .... energetic ..... than I expected. If I hadn't been packing at the time I probably would have fallen asleep. I can't believe people want this guy in the white house. Someone should check his footage to see if he isn't hypnotizing people with his boringness and flashing subliminal messages on the screen.

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