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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Voters not Convinced either Obama or Clinton the best for the Job

Super Tuesday States Polls - America's Election HQ: TEXAS Primary/Delegate race break down
Candidates total votes Percentage Delegates
Clinton__ 1,452,776 __50.85% __25
Obama __1,354,553 __47.41% __14
Edwards___ 29,804 ___1.04% __0
Richardson _10,667 ___0.37% __ 0
Biden _____ 5,296 ___0.19% __ 0
Dodd ______3,717 ___0.13% __0"

Okay so I was going to make fun of Texas for voting for people who aren't even running any more---but then I saw these stats:

Rhode Island
Clinton .......106,471 ......58.76% .....13
Obama .........73,609 ......40.62% ......8
Edwards ..........1,112 .........0.61% ......0

Clinton ````1,203,924 ``54.28% ```71
Obama ``````976,368 ``44.02% ```57
Edwards`````` 37,882 ````1.71% ```0

Obama ^^^^^^82,498 ^^^59.81% ^^9
Clinton ^^^^^^52,839 ^^^38.30% ^^6
Edwards ^^^^^^1,696 ^^^^1.23% ^^0
Kucinich ^^^^^^^910 ^^^^0.66% ^^0

So what does this mean? it means that (a) people may be too stupid to realize that their voting for people who are no longer running....but more likely its (b) people don't like EITHER candidate.

Hey I'm all for (b)....I plan on doing a write in for Thompson myself.

Actually we will have to see what becomes of the whole 'birth place' controversy surrounding McCain. I did a little research and it is conveluted enough to where the Republican convention could be thrown for a wild loop and we may get a candidate that no one counted that would polarize the that no matter who the Democratic candidate is, they won't be prepared for....but one with lots of controversy behind his name-though nothing that would prevent him from serving.

Someone like....Newt Gingrich [excuse me, a chill of horror just went down my spine]

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