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Monday, March 24, 2008

You know you bought too much Easter candy when ....

they rise up against you!

LOL ... not my photo, found it online at the Pioneer Press website -- they had a contest for the best Diorama using peeps. This one came in 3rd place ... I don't know ... I like it a lot better than the other two placers.

The description from the creator said that this kid is only 3 and they had to have everything set up right and photo taken within 5 minutes because -- well -- YOU try to keep a 3 yr old to lay still for 5 minutes when they aren't sleeping!

I worked with 3 yr olds for 6 yrs -- I'm telling you its nearly impossible! Heck try to get them to sit still for a video, that was comical somedays...especially in a room with over 10 of them.

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