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Monday, March 24, 2008

Bigotry or not

Okay ... so I tuned in late to "The View" but caught enough of the show to catch the jest of it. Joy Behar took the position that minority people can not be racist -- while the blonde chick took the position that bigotry and racism exists no matter who it is if it is against any other race.

During the break they found the dictionary description of 'racism' and had Joy read it. She rushed thru the point that supported the blonde's point and emphasised the definition that supported her position. I guess that is just human, to support your position the best.

I'm sorry I have to side with the Blonde on this one.

Apparently Barrack was on the radio and had made the comment that he didn't think that his grandmother is necessarily racist just that she was the 'typical white woman' .... that is the comment that angered the Blonde --- and you know I can't blame her. Replace the word 'white' with anyother race/skin color and you will understand.

What if he had said:
'the typical black woman'
'the typical native american woman'
'the typical asian woman' (yellow is a very bad term)
'the typical hispanic woman' (also known as brown)
'the typical _____ woman'

it would be horrible. Or does he get a pass because he is of a minority race? I don't think its right -- but I think there is also a natural amount of racism that is just natural-selection, and then yes there is just a certain amount of complete hatred of particular races that aren't their own.

I've seen all sides of this issue.

Yes I think Barrack is 'racist' on a basic level .... I think Clinton is 'racist' on a basic level as well. Actually I think any system that breaks votes into groups based on race, and assumes that they would have different issues than any other groups is 'racist' in nature ... so of course you are going to get people involved who leaning that way as well.

This isn't Disney world nor is it the Starhip Enterprise ... racism is a fact of life....we can't beat it - but we do need to try.

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