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Sunday, April 06, 2008

And the Winner is.....

McCain's Potential Vice Presidential Candidates - US News and World Report:
"Fmr. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour
North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr
Florida Gov. Charlie Crist
Fmr Arkansas Gov. & fmr presidential candidate Mike Huckabee
Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.
Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Fmr. Ohio Rep. & Fmr. Dir. of the Office of Management and Budget Rob Portman
Fmr. Massachusetts Gov. & fmr. presidential candidate Mitt Romney
Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan
South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford
FedEx CEO Frederick Smith
GOPAC Chair Michael Steele"
First, they compiled the list from newspaper articles which are speculating - McCain hasn't released anything yet.
Secondly -- do you really think being named as VP candidate could be considered 'winning'??? I say we ask Cheney.
Thirdly -- I noticed that Romney's name and Huckabee's is on this list. After all the nasty things said, do you really think they could work with McCain? Also - do you think someone who has gone as far as they did in the campaign could bring themselves down to the rank of second fiddle? My father couldn't see it ... I guess I can't either.

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