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Sunday, April 06, 2008


"Beatie, 34, is six months pregnant and on target to deliver a healthy baby girl - which he's carrying in the womb he kept intact when he became a man 10 years ago."
I really wish they would stop referring to him as the 'pregnant man' ... since she did not complete his transformation, how can she be considered a 'man' by any definition? He is between genders.
It is one of those questions that have plagued people since sex-change operations began. But here's how I feel (or at least how I wrap my mind around it)

1. I don't care if you have the operation or not -- whatever, its fine, its your life.
2. If you don't have the old plumbing removed though -- you haven't switched!

So to me SHE is still a woman. She is a pregnant woman ... no huge deal. The only news worthy thing about it is the fact that for 10 years she has never been bothered to get in to finish things ... well that and the fact that she is with a guy - but that is just a question of definition.

But we are talking the pregnancy here .... now she is saying she is getting threats on the baby -- well yeah -- what did she think would happen when she brought this into the national news??? She would get threats as it is for simply being, but then add to that a pregnancy - you are going to get all sorts of idiots coming out of the woodwork.

I really wish she had taken her cue from Baby M's parents ... you know the first 'test tube' baby? Her parents did everything they could to keep her identity out of the media. They wouldn't even go on talk shows. The last thing they wanted was publicity - because they knew they would have these same issues.

I can not believe what publicity hounds this wo-man is. The best thing she could have done was just tell people she was putting on weight .... and then have the child and raise it like anyone else.

Not out of shame ... not out of fear .... not out of any pressure from church groups or idiots ... but for the sake of her child. Years from now when this kid grows up and goes to school, she (they know its a girl) will be hearing repeated accts of her conception. She will be hearing what 'sinful' people her parents are (not that she won't hear it anyways ... but this would be particularly mean) ... she will be hearing how ... well you can imagine.

If this couple had just tried to fly under the media radar then they would spare their child all this. She would have had a chance for at least something of a normal childhood. Even if they had been 'outed' by someone else - it would have been so easy to quelch this story in the beginning before it got so bad.

But no -- now they have gone to Oprah ... yeah that's going to keep it low-profile and protect your baby from harm ... NOT

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